Friday, July 1, 2011

Whole Foods Plant Based Diet

I completed 3 classes through eCornell obtaining a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition.  This was a fantastic program and expanded my understanding of nutrition a great deal.  It also left me with more questions - as all good education does.

I have learned about many scientific studies which reinforce our decision to eliminate meat and animal products from our diet and all of the health benefits involved. 

The next step in our journey is to move away from all processed foods and further embrace whole foods in our diet.  Even though we do eat a lot of whole foods, there are processed vegetarian and vegan foods which need to be eliminated.  The last few weeks I have been cooking more with beans and less with TVP, this has been a challenge since TVP was a very helpful transition food when moving away from eating meat - it worked very well as a substitute for ground beef in many recipes and using the chickenish chunks in fajitas, etc. 

I have been referring to some new cookbooks that are helping me with this transition:

Unprocessed by Chef AJ - this book has many good ideas and recipes.

Another one that has been really good is The Health Promoting Cookbook by Alan Goldhaner, D.C.

Tim still enjoys his chili which he makes a batch of it pretty much every week so, not sure how to get him to stop eating TVP - the challenges continue.

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